Moving to a brand new location is a big step for any small restaurant. It is a chance for the business to spread its wings and embrace growth opportunities. You may find that you get more covers as more customers are drawn to this new and improved establishment. However, the prospect of physically moving everything from the old location is pretty daunting. Here are some tips to help you out.

1) Understand the layout of the new property.

Chances are that you aren’t moving to an identical property in terms of its size and floor plan. This means you should plan ahead when deciding how to design the kitchen, the front-of-house area, and the dining room. The more you know in advance, the easier it is for you and the best removals  company in Northampton has to offer.


2) Decide what to keep and what to donate.

Don’t feel you need to take everything you have in your current location to the new restaurant. That new floor plan may mean that some large fixtures aren’t going to work. It may be better to sell or donate them instead. The same goes for any furniture, dishes, or décor past its best. You want enough of the old restaurant to maintain your identity. However, this is also a great opportunity for an updated 2.0 look.

3) Be careful packing and organizing everything.

Packing up your old restaurant can be difficult with all those heavy-duty pieces of equipment and appliances. Make sure everything connected to the plumbing and electric supply is handled safely, wrapped up, and ready to go. Take extra care with any plates and dishes making the trip too. Invest in the right packing materials to prevent breakages, or find a removal company for restaurants that can do this for you.

4) Hire professional movers for your relocation.

With so much at stake with this grand move, you must hire expert restaurant movers. Your top Northampton removal company will assist you with all the right equipment to handle your appliances, breakables, and other essential items. Their professionalism also means reliable and efficient service, so you aren’t rushing around trying to finish the job or find lost items.


5) Plan your grand opening.

Once everything is set up in your business’s new home, it is time to open the doors and start making money. The whole point of this venture was to expand and make the most of local custom. The best place to start is by inviting everyone through the doors for a big party. Give everyone a taste of what you offer on the menu and what sets you apart from the competition.

A few freebies and vouchers may be enough to hook them and get them to make a booking. You can set this up through your current email marketing list, strengthening ties with your regulars. You can also work on social media campaigns.

There is plenty to think about with a relocation, with both the physical move and relaunching the business in the new building. With the right removal company, you can take away some of the stress and start to enjoy this big adventure.

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